Our Quantum Reality

Our Quantum Reality is an illustrated book, written by Dr Paul Knott and illustrated by Joseph Namara Hollis, that brings to life a mind-boggling conundrum at the heart of quantum mechanics. Using a combination of eye-opening illustrations and brief, accessible text, we introduce the famous Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment. We then discuss a number of competing theories that physicists use to try to explain Schrödinger’s cat, each of which gives us a unique description of the reality in which we live.

A high-definition, flipbook version is available here. This flipbook is the recommended way to view the book! A pdf is also available here. But see below for a scroll-down, lower quality version.



A high-quality, flipbook version is available at http://online.fliphtml5.com/lxfw/etww/. This flipbook is the recommended way to view the book! A pdf is also available here.

Please contact Paul.Knott@Nottingham.ac.uk if you would like a plain text version, or for any other enquiries. While individual hard-copies of the book are not yet available to order, if universities, schools or other interested parties would like to order a larger quantity of books (for example, upwards of 25) then this can be arranged. The books will be sold at cost, and will therefore be affordable.


Our Quantum Reality is dedicated to M.L.

Joseph Namara Hollis is an award winning illustrator and picture book maker, and a graduate from the world-renowned MA Children’s book Illustration course at Cambridge School of Art. Joseph can be followed on Twitter and Instagram.

Dr Paul Knott is a quantum physicist working at the University of Nottingham, who currently holds a prestigious Research Fellowship from the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851. More physics-art collaborations are available here. Also see the Quantum Correlations Group’s website, where Paul works, for further context to the physics.

Assistant Editor: Tommaso Tufarelli.

We thank Phil Knott & Andrew Knott for helpful comments and suggestions.

This project was funded by a Mini Grant from the Foundational Questions Institute’s (fqxi.org) Physics of the Observer programme.

Our Quantum Reality (C) Copyright University of Nottingham 2018, published under exclusive license by University of Nottingham. All Rights Reserved.

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